Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Communication over the phone is a quick and easy way to get answers to the questions or problems you may have.

Planning your call will help you be clear, strong and confident.

Writing notes of the conversation can help you concentrate on the conversation and remember what was said. 


Before you make the call:

  • Who do you need to call?  Who is best to call?
  • Reason for the call:  Why are you calling them, not someone else?
  • What’s the issue?  One short sentence to describe your issue.
  • What’s the outcome?  What results do you want?
  • Questions you want to ask: Keep it simple, about 3 questions.


During the phone call:

  • Who are you speaking to? Write their name/s down.
  • Time and date of call: Record for future reference.
  • What they said to you:  What did they tell you?
  • Do you need to make contact again? Have they asked you to call them back at another time or contact someone else?