Friday, January 19, 2018
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To use the Kit either download each section's word or PDF document  or view and print each part as needed. 


 This Kit is not yet fully accessible, but it will be in the future. 


1  Welcome 

    1.1  Introduction - Word PDF  


2  All About Self-advocacy   

Word PDF

2.1  What is Self-advocacy?

2.2  Am I ready?

2.3  Self-advocacy Step-by-Step - Download the worksheets Word PDF 


3  Being Your Own Advocate

Word PDF    

3.1  Are you Listening?

3.2  Being Assertive

3.3  Making a Phone Call  - Download "My important phone numbers" worksheet Word PDF 

          3.3a  Phone Record Sheet - Download worksheets Word PDF 

          3.3b  Phone calls – Finding numbers - Download  the information sheets Word PDF 

3.4  Sending an Email

3.5  Writing a Letter

3.6  Making a Complaint

3.7  Preparing for a Meeting

3.8  Work Problem Solving Flowchart - Download the flow chart Word PDF 


4  Useful Information

Word PDF

4.1  Your Rights Word  PDF

4.2  Where can I go for help? Word PDF

4.3  Online Links and Resources Word PDF

4.4  About Advocacy for Inclusion Word  PDF

4.5  Disclosure – your choice Word  PDF