Monday, April 24, 2017
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The Disability Rights Law Centre


              Improving the justice experience for people with disabilities

Legal Services

-          Connecting people with disabilities with legal practitioners 

  Exploring the law

 -          Testing how the law should be interpreted, and how it needs to be changed

 -          Establishing legal precedents in understanding how the law affects people with disabilities

 -          Interpreting the law through a disability rights filter

 Law Research

-          We accept student and volunteer placements on specific research

           Express interest in undertaking a placement


-          Our training can meet your needs. Supporting law and justice practitioners to work more effectively with people with disabilities Contact us for more details 

-           We have a series of interactive webinars available to improve your skills with working with people with disabilities        


-         Your donations are welcome. The Disability Rights Law Centre is a tax deductible gift recipient. (connects through to our donations / contributions page from the supporter pack)