Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Everyone’s vote is equal no matter who you are

The title of this blog is a quote from one of our self-advocates from our self-advocacy plus group held on Monday. 

With the ACT Election now less than a week away, we had Marie from the Elections ACT office come in and join us as a guest speaker.

There were numerous questions from where and how to vote, pre-voting and voting by mail.

Our self-advocates posed questions about the new electorates in Canberra and how and why the electorates were changed.

There was lots of discussion about why we vote and members shared points that are of importance to them and how to see what the parties are representing for this election.

Following this, some members stated they would be interested in the possibility of running for Parliament themselves in the future. Again the group became a great platform for members to share their experiences and educate others.


The next Self-advocacy Plus group is on 14 November 

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Self-advocacy group week 3

The Self Advocates Group has been meeting twice a week on Mondays at 330-5pm and on Thursdays 1-230pm.

We are now a few weeks  into the topics covered by “My NDIS. My life, My vision, My say”. The response has been fantastic with the number of self-advocates attending the sessions having doubled. The topics have led to interesting discoveries about ourselves and what supports and services we have and what we want.

The first topic  we covered was “Let’s get Started” Am I eligible for the NDIS? This involved being able to use the NDIS access checker on the iPad, which interestingly most of our group found very difficult without help, especially for those visually impaired. Week two covered All about me and my life now” What supports do I have now. Week three was “My vision, My life “ What are my goals? What are my dreams?”. Both groups identified Relationship’s, Careers and Transport as being the areas of their lives that they most wanted to make changes in, in order to improve their lives. It was established that access to reliable accessible transport was difficult especially with mobility aids. Walking to bus stops was also difficult, especially at the end of the day when people were tired.

The feedback from the  self-advocates about the groups has been positive. There is a lot of group participation, brain storming and support given to each other. People are enjoying feeling comfortable with their peers knowing that their ideas and opinions are being heard and respected.

The next topic to be covered is “let’s get things happening”- What steps do I need to take to reach my goals? Then lastly “My NDIS, My say”- My ideas for a meeting with my Individual NDIS Planner.

Self-Advocates are welcome to attend either or both meetings.

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