Saturday, March 17, 2018
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In our recent submission to the ACT Budget Consultation 2017-2018, we incorrectly stated on page 12 that “in 2011-2016 the annual real expenditure in the ACT Out of Home Care system amounted to $550,000 per child for 671 children in care”. The amount of $550,000 was in fact a typo and should have read $51,165.42 per child as stated in table 15.13 of the Productivity Commission Final Report 2016: Child Protective Services.  Additionally, the correct year span should have read 2014-2015.

The year and amount has since been corrected and a revised copy of our Submission to the ACT Budget has been replaced on our website.

We apologise for this error and thank the individual who discreetly pointed it out to us.

Regardless of the amount, the amount per child in the ACT child protective system is high and the numbers of children of parents with disabilities in out of home care must be addressed.

Christina Ryan

Chief Executive Officer

Recent submission to the review of the ACT adoptio...

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