Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Contributing to Self-Advocacy in Australia



The Self-Advocacy Unit (SARU) was asked by the NDIA to develop and review a preferred model national model. The target group for the project has been people with intellectual disabilities, people with acquired brain injury and people with complex communication support requirements. The SARU has been travelling around Australia holding forums to gather ideas from self-advocates from all over the country.

On Monday 7 August 2017, the team from SARU held their final Self Advocacy ACT forum in the Griffin Centre. It was a great chance for local self-advocates to get together and talk about their ideas about self-advocacy move forward. Some of the topics discussed were: 

What needs to happen in the ACT to set a local Self-Advocacy Resource Unit?

Who can and who can’t apply to get funding for this model? (Our ACT advocates voted a unanimous NO to service providers running this. They would like to an advocacy organisation to oversee the running of it and believe self-advocates should staff it.)

What jobs should be in the National Office? What should happen next?

Our self-advocates were very vocal about how they thought the project should move forward. They stated they would like to continue to have a say in how their groups are run. Another strong point was the need to have the resource units in every state and territory staffed by self-advocates.

As a roundup of the project, a two-day National Self-Advocacy Forum will be held in Melbourne in October  2017. Two local self-advocates will be representing the group in Melbourne. In the meantime, our self-advocates will continue to work towards an inclusive community here in Canberra. 

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