Friday, January 19, 2018
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5 Things I have learnt

My name is Rachel and I have officially been a Training Officer at Advocacy for Inclusion for six weeks today! Although nobody bought me a cake, the last six

weeks have been some of the most rewarding work I have done in my career and I am grateful to join such a strong team of women.  

The training team had a huge month. We ran a group for women with disabilities, supporting them while they navigate the difficult landscape of rights and their children.

We had a self-advocacy plus public speaking group for adults with disabilities who are learning how to speak up for themselves, their rights and to share the things they enjoy in life.

We visited a local mental health facility, holding weekly groups supporting adults with disabilities to make informed choices and decisions. This of course includes manoeuvring the NDIS and all that trickiness.

Finally, we had a few individual group home visits with remarkable men and women with disabilities that include everything from dancing to punk music and learning the difference between assertiveness and aggression. 

This month at Advocacy for Inclusion we have focused on education for our #DisabilityDisrupt campaign and I have certainly learnt a giant amount about education and disability thus far. I know I am just on the edge of this topic and there is so much more to learn.


 Here are a few things I have learnt in the last month -

1)    Respect and honesty should always go hand in hand

2)    Every person with a disability has the right to education - how that looks should be individual

3)    Never underestimate the power of music and dance - learning can be fun

4)    Just because someone is having a bad day, never give up on them

5)    To not leave my bags on the floor and my chair 3M from my desk



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