Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Contributing to Self-Advocacy in Australia



The Self-Advocacy Unit (SARU) was asked by the NDIA to develop and review a preferred model national model. The target group for the project has been people with intellectual disabilities, people with acquired brain injury and people with complex communication support requirements. The SARU has been travelling around Australia holding forums to gather ideas from self-advocates from all over the country.

On Monday 7 August 2017, the team from SARU held their final Self Advocacy ACT forum in the Griffin Centre. It was a great chance for local self-advocates to get together and talk about their ideas about self-advocacy move forward. Some of the topics discussed were: 

What needs to happen in the ACT to set a local Self-Advocacy Resource Unit?

Who can and who can’t apply to get funding for this model? (Our ACT advocates voted a unanimous NO to service providers running this. They would like to an advocacy organisation to oversee the running of it and believe self-advocates should staff it.)

What jobs should be in the National Office? What should happen next?

Our self-advocates were very vocal about how they thought the project should move forward. They stated they would like to continue to have a say in how their groups are run. Another strong point was the need to have the resource units in every state and territory staffed by self-advocates.

As a roundup of the project, a two-day National Self-Advocacy Forum will be held in Melbourne in October  2017. Two local self-advocates will be representing the group in Melbourne. In the meantime, our self-advocates will continue to work towards an inclusive community here in Canberra. 

Learn more about our Self-Advocacy Group


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2017 Self-Advocacy groups

2017 is already here and we are looking forward to another exciting and challenging year ahead of us. Membership is open to join either our Self-Advocacy or Mothers Self- Advocacy groups.

At the Self-Advocacy groups you will learn about your rights and how to exercise them. You will learn skills for speaking confidently. You will have the opportunity to discuss current affairs and local issues.

At the Mother’s group all of the above plus the opportunity to share your experiences with other mother’s with a disability. Your children might be living with you or in care. The Self-Advocacy Mothers group is place where you learn about yours and your children’s rights.

The groups are free and open to anyone with a disability.

Upcoming dates for the groups for 2017 are:

Self-Advocacy Plus                                       Mother’s Self Advocacy

Mondays                                                       Tuesdays

16 January                                                    17 January

13 February                                                   21 February

20 March 2017                                              21 March

Come along all people with disability welcome

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Self-Advocacy Groups 2016

Self-Advocacy Groups 2016

Our Self Advocacy and Mothers Self Advocacy groups provide an opportunity to discover, reflect and respond to issues of barriers and support all aspects of participation in the ACT.

As the year comes to end we look back at all the changes we had this year. We moved into our own training room in The Griffin Centre. This has been wonderful and given us our own space to meet; it also allows us to display some of the work produced by our members. We have our new Training Officer, Tracie working alongside Sharon. We have had many new members join over the past 12 months and we look forward to building on these friendships through 2017.

We had lengthy discussions at election time, and around other local issues. We kept our members up to date with other training opportunities as well educated people to have the skills to speak up for themselves. The members are also able to assist, support and educate each other with their own experiences and knowledge.

The Self - Advocacy groups have helped people to know their rights and exercise them, express their feelings, recognise the importance of responsible decision-making and make informed decisions
Overall it is about people feeling good about themselves and using their skills in wider community to ensure their own rights or the rights of others are being met.

We would like to take this opportunity in wishing everyone a very happy and safe holiday session.


See the Self-advocacy dates for 2017: 

Self-Advocacy Plus Group


Mothers Self-advocacy group

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Everyone’s vote is equal no matter who you are

The title of this blog is a quote from one of our self-advocates from our self-advocacy plus group held on Monday. 

With the ACT Election now less than a week away, we had Marie from the Elections ACT office come in and join us as a guest speaker.

There were numerous questions from where and how to vote, pre-voting and voting by mail.

Our self-advocates posed questions about the new electorates in Canberra and how and why the electorates were changed.

There was lots of discussion about why we vote and members shared points that are of importance to them and how to see what the parties are representing for this election.

Following this, some members stated they would be interested in the possibility of running for Parliament themselves in the future. Again the group became a great platform for members to share their experiences and educate others.


The next Self-advocacy Plus group is on 14 November 

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Mother's Self-advocacy Group

          “Just because I have a disability doesn’t mean I can’t be a good mother’’      

This statement was made by a mother at this month’s Mothers Group.   This comment was a thought that the entire group did identify with. The mothers group is a place where you can come and talk in safe and friendly atmosphere about child protection issues. Your children maybe in care or living with you.

We finally had our first session in our new training room. Everyone was excited at having our own space, in a familiar accessible location. It was a great group with two new members joining us this week.

The Group has been running for six months, with numbers steadily increasing despite the barriers faced by some of the mothers around childcare, transport and organisation of support workers. The group gives mothers a forum to discuss matters that are important to them.

One mother commented that “having a disability makes people not believe me”. This group has provided an opportunity for her to meet with like-minded mothers going through similar situations, to support each other.

Members of the group have said that they are finding the group to be supportive, informative and a place to be heard. The group have asked for the session to be extended with the view to increase the frequency of the sessions. 

With the ACT Election fast approaching we had discussions about the matters affecting the members. The mothers took the opportunity to voice what they would like to see changed. These views were filmed and will be taken to the Party Leaders before the Election. 

Next group: Tuesday 18 October 2016 at 11am.

More information 

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