Media Release – 18 June 2015


Announcing the Disability Rights Law Centre

Advocacy for Inclusion is proud to launch the Disability Rights Law Centre. “We are very excited about this new area of our work which is focussed on improving justice outcomes for people with disabilities”, said Christina Ryan, general manager at Advocacy for Inclusion.

“The Disability Rights Law Centre is a natural addition to our disability rights work advocating for individual people with disabilities, running a self-advocacy program, and the extensive body of policy work we have undertaken over many years. Now we are responding to the significant over representation of people with disabilities in the criminal and civil justice system.”

National figures indicate at least half of the Australian prisoner population is people with disabilities, and that the number of prisoners with disabilities entering or leaving Australian prisons throughout a year is in the tens of thousands. “This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed”, commented Ms Ryan.

Graeme Innes AM, former Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner, is the patron of the Disability Rights Law Centre. Mr Innes continues to be a significant contributor to justice equality for people with disabilities and is a keen supporter of the Centre's establishment. 

Advocacy for Inclusion thanks our many friends in the law community who have enthusiastically embraced the idea of the Disability Rights Law Centre and supported us to bring it to reality.