Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Do you identify as a person with a disability? Then Advocacy for Inclusion is here for you.

Contact us if you are being treated unfairly, or you believe you are not being heard. We focus on people who are dealing with legal matters (criminal, civil, tribunal, complaint).


Advocacy for Inclusion works in a unique way where individual advocacy is supported by learning self-advocacy skills.We look at each person carefully to understand your needs.

We can only help residents in the ACT. 


Once you make contact, we will follow an intake process. During intake, ask about the issue you are facing and what you would like an advocate to do to help you.

Each week we consider advocacy requests at an intake meeting where we decide whether or not we can assist you.

If your issue is critical, we will assess the intake straight away. 

If we are not able to assist we will make suggestions about what other options you have and help with referrals. We will keep your information private.


How to Contact Us



You can leave our service whenever you want.

You can leave our service for any reason –

  • We may have helped you fix your issue
  • Maybe we couldn’t fix your issue
  • We might believe that we can’t help you anymore.

If we believe we can no longer help you, we must:

  • Explain why
  • Support you to find other services if you need them
  • Support you to complain if you want to