Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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“Plugging the Gaps”


Advocacy for Inclusion is pleased overall with the outcomes of the 2017-18 ACT Budget. However, this budget is only plugging the gaps left by previous budgets.


We welcome the ACT Government’s commitment by recognising our core recommendation of our budget consultation by announcing a Disability Justice Strategy. Although, It is a concern that the government has not dedicated or committed funds for long-term funding of the Disability Justice Strategy for future years beyond 2018-19.


We are disappointed that the budget did not address any of our other recommendations in our submission, within a disability context. However, we remain hopeful that new initiatives to increase the accessibility to justice services for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, will also include a disability lens.


We now look forward to collaborating on the development of programs to increase social inclusion of people with disabilities in the Canberra community.


Further Information: Advocacy for Inclusion Office Ph. 6257 4005

Policy Officer: Bonnie Millen

Communications Officer: Carla Millner-Bradley