Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Do you have a disability?

Are you currently working with a lawyer?

Going through a court process?

On bail conditions?


Advocacy for Inclusion is running a Justice Orientation Project.

The project is to support people with disabilities to better understand and to be included in their current justice process.

For example a court hearing or appeal; tribunal matter; being a witness; human rights complaint; bail agreement; legal briefing; police statement; corrections meetings/agreements.

We will support you by

  • working with you individually
  • focusing on your individual process and documentation
  • Help you build and practice Self- advocacy skills
  • giving you Information in a format that suits you best (for example easy English bail conditions)
  • Going to places like the magistrates court and explaining to you what will happen. (experiential learning)

If you have any questions or have feedback on our work, please contact us on:

6257 4005 |