Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Advocacy for Inclusion is focussed on supporting the voice of people with disabilities, and growing that voice in all forums.

The involvement of people with disabilities has been increasing in all parts of our organisation for many years: membership, board, and staff. We consider this an important aspect of growing the voice of people with disabilities in the community. We are committed to continuing to grow that voice both inside our organisation and out in the community. 

Now Advocacy for Inclusion is ready to become a Disabled Peoples Organisation (DPO).

Being a DPO means that we will change our constitution. This means that our commitment to having people with disabilities in control of all parts of the organisation will remain into the future.

We are planning to change our constitution early in 2016.

Our work won’t change.

The quality of our work won’t change.

Our vision and mission won’t change.

Our commitment to disability rights and human rights won’t change.

What will change is that Advocacy for Inclusion will make sure that most of the people doing this work will be people with disabilities.


November 2015